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About the Admin's Role & You

The Admin Team have been getting a lot of questions about what players should talk to the Admins about and when is it appropriate to get Admins involved. So we put together this post to help us establish some basic knowledge as a resource for our players… new and old.


We are here. We are approachable. We are a resource for YOU and for our Staff. Don’t hesitate to chat with us about anything, as long as it is in a constructive and respectful manner. Together we will continue to grow this community into the welcoming and fun environment we all strive for in a roleplaying game like this.

An Admin, or Administrator, is like a Game Facilitator or HR department. The main purpose of the Admin Team on EN is to facilitate communication between players and staff. Their main responsibility is to ensure policies and procedures on EN run smoothly so that everyone can enjoy the game. They hear feedback from players, and make adjustments when appropriate for the betterment of the game. They also manage the PPS on EN.

You can find the current list of Admins on the Staff Info page (

All staff are equal on EN, whether part time or full time. The “Head ST” is a rotating thing that the teams decide based on their availability. Admins are like the HR department, but they also are exclusively responsible for site wide policies.

Like mentioned we are basically the Hiring Team, who help to guide staff towards our common goals. We do not get involved with the Staff’s right to run the stories they want, but we do help give advice when Staff face situations they want feedback about. We also ensure Staff and Players follow in place policies, and act like mediator between personalities, and generally, that no one is “being a jerk” and is having fun.

We are here as a resource to you as well as the STs. Want some help communicating with your ST team? We can assist with that. Want to give us feedback on the site, the chat, other players, or any member of the team? We take feedback, positive and negative, and use it to continue to improve the site.

We only hire within Staff on EN, this is to ensure all Admins 1) put in time as a ST to be invested in the game and 2) ensures they have demonstrated a commitment to the policies and procedures on EN. We have seen too many communities suffer from uninvested Admins and Site Owners, and this was decided as a way to ensure that the Admins are ready for the amount of things that can come up in an online chat game.

No, in fact we will tell you when you’re in trouble. Most of the time Admins have been asked by STs to help facilitate communication between them and players, but players can equally ask for this assistant for them to talk with Staff. They are there as a resource to help ease any potential personality clashes.

  • We are approachable at any time if we are logged into the chat. You can also FPM us anytime. If you have access to any of the Admin’s off-chat contact information YOU MUST start the message with “May I talk with you about Admin/Chat related thing?” Before you message them off-site. Per the “Right to Time Off/Play Time” Policy on the Rights & Responsibility Page: 
When a ST is in their player skin or taking time of from being a ST on a break of any kind, they have the right to enjoy that time without disruption or issue. No player wants to have their ST burn out, so to try and keep that from happening we have this rule in place. Players are REQUIRED to Respect ST’s right to Time Off. All chat communication between a ST and Player should be done by chat, threads, or forums. Please ask permission from the ST if you want to talk about things through an off-chat medium (Discord, Facebook, ect.) each instance you do this. This is to ensure the ST is taking their “Time Off” and “Play Time”. Repeated offenses are subject to PPS.

Yes! We are here to facilitate communication and ensure that players don’t have to feel intimidated talking with staff with the power imbalance.

Yes! We are here to help act as a mediator for the staff and players both. It’s our job to help personalities clash less. Any member of staff can do this as well. It’s about your comfort level, but we are all approachable, anytime.
The “Player Punishment System” is the system we use when players, and staff, break the Code of Conduct.
For the most part, the Venue ST Team has a right to Creative Freedom as long as their interpretation of the rules is acceptable and enforced uniformly. During a scene, you may not escalate to the Admin team. AFTER a scene if you still adamantly disagree with a rules call you may request an Admin review. We will review the call for consistency with the books and site policies at that point.
Yes! We want all players to feel welcome on EN and to help investigate and ensure that everyone is being treated fairly. We will make that as transparent as our policy allow to help reinforce trust in our staff and our game.
Yes! You can submit feedback following our feedback submission post here.

Yes! You can submit feedback to the other Admins, or to the Site Owner. If you want to submit feedback on Athena, yes it is ok, and you can submit feedback to the other Admins.

You can submit feedback to the other Admins, or to the Site Owner.

Staff members are held to a higher standard than players. Their process in the PPS system has 1 less chance for strikes. You will only be informed if a Staff Member is removed from staff, not that they have been PPSed. We don’t announce all player PPS either, to encourage player and Staff behavior improvement.
You have a right to understand your PPS. All Admins and the Site Owner are approachable to help you understand your PPS. We will not answer questions about other player’s PPS in too much detail for their privacy, but we will be as transparent as our policy allows. If a player or Staff member is banned, all PPS recorded are listed with the ban so all players understand why.
You should use the Tech Forum here.
Please FPM the Admin Team will respond as soon as we can!