Small Updates!

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Small Updates!

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Hey all! I know things have been a touch slow for us this month, and there will still be a little slow next month, but here's a small update on it!

September is a busy month for me due to family stuff and birthday stuff for wife, myself, and lots of family. (Too much family is born in this month, send halp plz), October I should be able to start getting back into the swing of stuff again.

Ornn has lots of work trips coming up, so he will be taking it a bit easier to off-set this! He'll still be about and working on actions, but he may just be a little slow and that's okay!

We will be working on a Spooky (and memey) Halloween scene for the spookiest of seasons, as well as another draugr hunt is in the works, this one a bit more tied to some plots that have been touch a little recently by a few of you. And we're going to start gearing up towards fighting some more with Arasaka and Ba Institute!
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