EN 2.0 Chronicle Finale & XP Changes

Announcement for older chronicles, no longer relevant.
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EN 2.0 Chronicle Finale & XP Changes

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Hello Players,

First, we want to thank our players for being a part of our community. Eternal Noire strives to continue to improve every chronicle, and we believe that our players being able to submit feedback to us helps us improve our stories and games.

You may have noticed we have welcomed many staff members to our site in the last couple of months. These staff members, while valued and welcome additions for 2.0, are onboarding for the long term for Eternal Noire. For a variety of reasons, the team has decided to end 2.0 a bit earlier than planned, with our new Official EN 2.0 Close Date of March 1st, 2023.

Don’t worry, this is a good thing for Eternal Noire because the team has decided to go all out to try and end the 2.0 chronicle with a finale that is more of a bang rather than a fizzle. We plan to change the XP Floor, XP Cap and schedule final scenes through all of February so that our players can enjoy an “Ending” for their characters and the plots they have become invested in.

To help in this process for those who were not around or need a refresher since EN 1.0 Chronicle’s ending, please see the helpful FAQ that follows this announcement below.

12/15/2022 - Experience Floor Raises to 100 XP, Cap remains at 120 XP.
01/01/2023 - Experience Floor Raises to 115 XP, Cap raises to 130 XP.
02/01/2023 - All Players Brought to Cap for Finale Scenes. Cap remains at 130 XP.

So what’s next? We will continue to provide you with stories and plots with finale scenes being run in February 2023. Then Eternal Noire will close the 2.0 chronicle and begin work on the 3.0 chronicle. Our website will remain mostly open during this time to allow players a place to check in on the progress of the 3.0 chronicle and utilize our chat program and resources to run side games and connect with other players. All announcements about 3.0 will be released after our staff has time to recharge, and we have a brand new shiny website to reveal.

Thank you for being with us to tell these stories. We cannot wait to see what these final scenes look like.

Happy Roleplaying!

EN 2.0 Admin Team & Staff


I’m new and the chronicle is ending soon, why should I make a PC?
It’s a matter of personal preference. Maybe you didn’t get an ending with your PC you want to make here last time you played them? Maybe you want to try out a build with the floor being so high, to see if you like it for a future PC. Maybe you just want to enjoy some pretty epic finale scenes. You don’t have to join in, but there’s no harm in making an end-game character to enjoy the phenomenal Storytellers we have here on EN, the plots, or gaming with fellow players.

When is EN 3.0?
We don’t have an open date yet, as our staff is dedicated to bringing you an Ending worth the investment in EN 2.0. All announcements regarding 3.0 will be released right here on the website, and on our social media accounts when we are ready to announce.

Where can I submit feedback about EN 2.0? Do you want it?
We have a handy google form that the Admin Team is using to collect anonymous player feedback about what we did well, and maybe what we can improve on, from EN 2.0. Please use this form so that we can gather as much information as possible to ensure that we continue to improve with every chronicle.