Looking for Roommates!

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Looking for Roommates!

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Hello everyone!

So I have established that Fern rents a spacious loft in a converted warehouse in the Bronx that she shares with ~4 other people so I thought it might be fun if some of those people were other PCs!

Important Things To Note:
* No Vampires (Sorry!) - Fern absolutely hates them D:
* She is a Hunter - but only of undead things. But also she wouldn't advertise this so as far as the roommates would know at the current time she's just a sculptor that has an interest in ghosts (Unless they were also Hunters, then any fellow Hunters would know)

If you're interested just drop me an FPM or send me a PM in chat (I'll either be under Fern Michaels or Penelope/Penny Evergreen!
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