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General Reminders

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Hey guys! As we are going into Year Two of 2.0, I wanted to toss a few reminders at you guys of things!
  • Please remember to post all scene logs that contain crossover with any other venue in a timely fashion, we do not require it immediately, or within the first week. However long periods of crossover play without logs on our end can be something discussed as potential PPS. Generally, if you can get it to us within two weeks or so after the crossover, we are very pleased.
  • If you have been inactive for sometime, but are still interested in playing Deviant please ping us in your forums. If you are struggling with how to connect to plot, we will gladly help you out and if you are having a rough patch, just let us know. We as ST's have had our own rough patches, and understand.
  • We as ST's are always up for running personal scenes, if you have a concept for one do not be afraid to request them. We do our best to accommodate for everyone that likes one, though some we may have to open up or combine just to ensure we aren't running 7+ scenes a month
I wanted to also add in a personal thank you to you all, our Deviants and Mortals. I know it has been a rough road so far, but your patience and excitement has made it all great. I genuinely enjoy getting to ST for each and everyone of you, and I am excited for what lays ahead for us all going in through year 2 and towards our finale. As always, any comments, suggestions or concerns can be FPM'd to us, or placed in your threads!

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