Chat FAQ

Chat FaQ

Navigating the Chat 

 Room Abbreviations: 

  • [BU] = Burbank, this is a room in the Mage (Consilium) Territory. 
  • [GZ] = Grey Zone, this is a room in UNCLAIMED Territory. These rooms are dangerous for supernaturals. You have been warned. 
  • [HB] = Huntington Beach, this is a room in Changeling Territory.
  • [HW] = Hollywood, this is a room in the Mage (Seer) Territory. 
  • [LA] = Los Angeles City, this is a room in the Hunter Territory. This room is not available to anything besides mortals and hunters for IC reasons. 
  • [LB] = Long Beach, this is a room in Vampire Territory. 
  • [MA] = Malibu, this is a room in Vampire Territory. 
  • [OP] Open Room, this is a room that can be anywhere that the player wants, as long as it is open to the public to join or to leave. 
  • [PR] = Private Room, this room can be anywhere that the player wants it to be. Do not enter these rooms without permission. 
  • [SB] = San Bernardino County, this room is Werewolf Territory.
  • [SM] = Santa Monica, this is a room in Vampire Territory. 
Color Codes on the Chat: 
  • Light Blue – Site Owner 
  • Red– Admin 
  • Blue – Story Teller 
  • Green – Sanctioned PC
  • Grey – OOC/Unsanctioned 
  • Black – Away/AFK Timed Out 


What if I made a custom location and want it added as a chat room? 

Just send a forum message to your ST team. All approved locations can be added to the chat without any issue. Just remember, we will only be adding public rooms as chat rooms, your private Sanctum is not an appropriate room to add as a chat room. 

I’m hearing music from the chat? Where is that coming from? 

An ST can use the chat to play music during a scene to set the mood for the PCs. If you want to turn it off, just turn off the sounds in your settings. There is also a play and pause button with a little speaker at the bottom of your tool bar you can use to stop the sound.

Oops, I don’t see users or rooms anymore! What do I do? 

You minimized it, click on the chat bubble in the bottom of your bar. 

Can I pop out the chat? 

Yes, click on the “Click here to open the chat in a new tab” link above the chat, or just use the below link:  

What Icons should I use for my character? 

We have some below you can use, save them to the computer and upload them to the chat. You can also use a character picture, whatever you’d prefer. 



Chronicles of Darkness Chat Icons

Changeling the Lost Chat Icons

Hunter the Vigil Chat Icons

Mage The Awakening Chat Icons

Vampire the Requiem Chat Icons

Werewolf the Forsaken Chat Icons