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Meet Our Team

Below you’ll find our staff profiles, completed by every person on staff so that you can get to know us. Hopefully, this will help in choosing which games best fit your schedule and play style. All of our team are wonderful, creative people who want to bring you the best game they possibly can.

Want to join our team? Fill out an application here. We are currently Hiring the positions listed on this forum post here.


Athena ~ Owner

Office Hours (TZ): Sundays, 6pm to 7pm (PST)
Contact Me: admin@eternalnoire.com or by FPM.
What do you want Players to Know?: I may be the site owner, but this is not MY site. This website was created by gamers for gamers, with a team of people who poured a lot of volunteer hours so that we can have fun together. This is OUR site, the staff’s and yes, the player’s too! I don’t just pay the bills, I also help run Hunter. I’m looking forward to playing with you all! 

Prometheus ~ 1.0 Administrator 

Office Hours (TZ): Most Week Days in the Evening (PST) 4:30pm – 9:00 Available by Request in person or FPM
Contact Me: On Chat or by FPM.
What do you want Players to Know?:  I only gave you the fire, what you choose to do with it is up to you. Or in less name specific prose; The Staff (self included) Have provided you a skeleton, what you do to make this story better is largely on our players. I for one am intrigued to see where you all take it.

Tsukiyomi ~ 1.0 Administrator 

Office Hours (TZ): Saturdays, 9pm to 10pm (EST)
Contact Me: On Chat or by FPM.
What do you want Players to Know?: All of the staff, myself included, are really excited to work with you to bring this site to life! Please don’t hesitate to bring any concerns to us, and we look forward to creating awesome stories with you.

Technical Wizards

Syntax ~ Site Coder  & Design

Office Hours (TZ): By Appointment (PST)
Contact Me: On Chat or by FPM.
What do you want Players to Know?: Send in bug and error reports to help me help you.


Story Tellers

Mortals of Darkness


Time Zone: Eastern
Availability:  Due to full course work and having a family my schedule will change from week to week. Most Saturday mornings PST and some Wednesday evenings.

Your ST Style: I prefer to run smaller/shorter scenes that have a distinct purpose to them. I like to keep things linear and to the point.

What Players Can Expect of You:  A more player centered approach. Oh, and combat. I like combat!
What You Expect of Players: Don’t be afraid to communicate with me and as always be respectful to me and players who are part of the scene.
What do you want Players to Know: I won’t be around much during the summer as I have 4 children and we like to camp and go on vacation when we get the chance! During the school year I’ll be around when they are at school which gives me great availability for people across the pond.

What is your favorite horror genre book, movie, game or other inspiration? I’m actually not a huge horror person. *gasp* The horror I do like is The Shining, American Psycho, and Cloverfield. I’m more of a crime/action genre girl. My favorite movie is The Way of the Gun.


Time Zone: Eastern
Availability: I work nights until about 11pm Server time M-F (and the stray Saturday here and there unfortunately) Weekends are mostly open apart from overtime nonsense.

Your ST Style: My goal for players is to be engaged in the scene and to feel like the decisions they make have an impact on what is happening. Also I think saying “no” as answer is supremely boring, so I will do my best to work with you when you have an idea!

What Players Can Expect of You: Memes. (Kidding, mostly…) As previously stated, I will work with you when you have an idea no matter how out there it seems. I also will treat you with respect and decency, as that is super important to me.
What You Expect of Players: “Don’t be a jerk” pretty much covers it.
What do you want Players to Know: I do work full time, but I will do my best to be available for you guys! And I am relatively new at STing, so I am looking forward to learning and growing in the position. Big Grin

What is your favorite horror genre book, movie, game or other inspiration? Oddly enough, I’m more of a psychological thriller type person vs straight up horror, but I do love the ideas of games like Outlast, Eternal Darkness, and P.T., which take away your ability to fight back and make you question your own sanity as you progress. I also love the Shin Megami Tensei series, particularly the feel of the Digital Devil Saga and Persona series.

Hunter the Vigil


Time Zone: PST
Availability: Saturday to Tuesday, Open Availability. Wednesday & Thursdays are school nights. Fridays are my ST day off.

Your ST Style: Players have a ton of flexibility in my scenes, and there will ALWAYS be multiple ways to solve a problem or deal with things that come in in scenes. I run horror, mystery, gore, and will try and push your PC to make the harder decisions so that you can have that character development to become the “anti-heroes” of the setting.

What Players Can Expect of You: You can expect me to know your character and work with you to integrate it into the main plots and story, as well as paying close attention to your sheet and story hooks. I’m fair and, and I also use the “3-minute rule” for combat scenes to make sure things keep moving and we all have fun.
What You Expect of Players: I expect my players to be patient with the translation and integration of the hunter rules, and excited to explore ALL of the themes of the game. Also, while we PLAY sometimes an antagonistic role in the Chronicles of Darkness world IC, players should never be antagonistic OOC.
What do you want Players to Know: I prepare for scenes, reading and learning as much about your PC as I can. You can always expect that while there may be many roads given to you, there is always going to be something for you to do in my scenes…they just may need a little more uncovering. I promise any work you do will be rewarded. I don’t tend to spend a lot of time describing things that don’t matter, and in the end, I simply want my players to be epic in my scenes, just as much as they want to be epic.

What is your favorite horror genre book, movie, game or other inspiration? Eternal Darkness (Video Game), Another (Anime), Resident Evil Series (Video Game), Five Nights At Freddies (Video Game), Ringu (Foreign Movie), Ju-on (Foreign Movie), Silent Hill (Video Game), Let The Right One In (Foreign Movie), Nightmare on Elm Street (Movie), Goosebumps (Book), and the SCP Foundation (Website).


Time Zone: Central (CST)
Availability: M-Th after 5pm CST / 3pm Site time; Weekends throughout the Day; Friday Evenings are Negotiable.

Your ST Style: I don’t believe that problems in scenes should or will have a single solution. I really enjoy story lines that aren’t just simple “Bug Hunts”. I like hard choices and sometimes even phyrric victories. I try to evoke a cinematic feel to my scenes, overall.

What Players Can Expect of You: Expect me to do everything in my power to give your PC a Moment in scenes. I try and keep my scenes moving and dynamic. Character death can happen, it’s Hunter, but I believe that a character should never die in vain. If a character dies, it should serve the Story.
What You Expect of Players: Be Patient, Be Respectful and Be Flexible.
What do you want Players to Know: If it makes sense, I will generally allow it. If there is a fight in a Bar, then a bottle of bourbon is likely close enough to be grabbed as a weapon. No need to ask. Also, actions all have consequences.

What is your favorite horror genre book, movie, game or other inspiration? My love of Horror is varied. I’m a huge fan of Slasher flicks like the Nightmare on Elm Street series and Halloween and up to later gems like Hatchet. Been a lifelong fan of all things Evil Dead and love to mix a bit of camp with my gorier scenes. I love deconstructions of the genre like Behind the Mask and Tucker and Dale vs Evil. For pure horror, I look towards cerebral movies like Session 9. The Silent Hill games are great as is Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem. The presence of the Elder Sign on my arm IRL brands my love for Lovecraftian Horror.


Time Zone: Mountain
Availability: Later afternoon/Evenings

Your ST Style: I like to create and present a believable world, I really believe immersion is important and that isn’t necessarily the same as realism. All things in their place and in proper context that help pull you into the world.

What Players Can Expect of You: Oh I’m a pretty level-headed person and like to think I’m approachable for just about any issue you might have and I love tailoring stories and situations towards individuals as well as groups.
What You Expect of Players: The same kind of respect and kindness I plan to give to every one of them, and hopefully a certain passion and creativity when it comes to their characters to really keep me inspired as well.
What do you want Players to Know: Creativity is key in this game, I dislike being asked how I should proceed. While I’m happy to help if somethings confusing I want to see your own creative solutions and goals come forward in your play. There’s never really a wrong course of action, though there can be deadly ones.

What is your favorite horror genre book, movie, game or other inspiration? I was introduced to World of Darkness by the game ‘Bloodlines’ for the PC many years ago. It was campy and a little over the top but it helped introduce the world of vampire to me (even if that was masquerade). But even as that game had it’s own silliness and strange parts it made up for everything in maintaining a dark atmosphere charged with violence, mystery, politics, and of course sex. I think all of this in equal part are important to a fun world of darkness experience and I hope to bring that to you all.

Changeling the Lost


Time Zone: Eastern
Availability: EST Nights / PST Evenings. Wednesday and Weekends. Other times possibly available with forewarning.

Your ST Style: I believe firmly in encouraging player-pro activity, and encouraging a collaborative narrative for my venues. This is your story as much as mine – more, really!

What Players Can Expect of You: I’m tough, but fair. I don’t play favorites, and I don’t pull punches, but I want you to succeed.
What You Expect of Players: I expect you to acknowledge you are part of a collaborative effort, and to not seek your fun at the expense of the fun of others. I give respect, and expect it in return. Understand this is a horror game, and that bad things can happen – and that actions have consequences. Take the time to know the setting and respect it.
What do you want Players to Know: I am not out to get you – but the antagonists will be. I’m an easy-going sort at heart, and am here to entertain you – so please, respect the fact I’m only human. I want to tell the best damned Changeling story anyone’s ever told – and I want you with me when I do.

What is your favorite horror genre book, movie, game or other inspiration? I’m a huge fan of Clive Barker’s work in general, as well as the work of Edgar Allan Poe and the darker side of Neil Gaiman. Dark, gothic works crossed with a dose of twisted sensuality, a sprinkling of the carnal and visceral, and a pinch of the surreal and psychological.


Time Zone: Pacific
Availability: Generally after 2pm Server time, with some mild exceptions, and not on Wednesdays.

Your ST Style: Creative, Free-Flowing, Prone to throwing curve balls.

What Players Can Expect of You: Interesting Scenes where they find oddities both mechanically and crunch wise.
What You Expect of Players: A little faith and good communication skills!
What do you want Players to Know: All scenes are are going to have an effect on Scenes to come. Sometimes Failure happens, but don’t worry! I’ll use it to torm… help make your story more interesting!

What is your favorite horror genre book, movie, game or other inspiration? Body Horror (Aliens, that whole trilogy.)

Mage the Awakening


Time Zone: Eastern
Availability: Weekdays After 10:30pm PST and on Weekends.

Your ST Style: Plot, Combat, Mystery

What Players Can Expect of You: To know the rules and to give everyone in smaller scenes a time to shine.
What You Expect of Players: 1. Have fun. 2. Know the basic rules
What do you want Players to Know: Your PC might die and that is ok. We are not targetting you specifically. This mage game is meant to be harder than others and hopefully, a harder game means more fulfillment once completed.

What is your favorite horror genre book, movie, game or other inspiration? Betrayal at House on the Hill (boardgame), Resident Evil series (games), Nightmare on Elm Street (movie)


Time Zone: Eastern
Availability: Open availability unless otherwise stated on the forums between the hours of 9am-9pm server.

Your ST Style: Personal Development, Mystery/Investigation, Plot, Combat

What Players Can Expect of You: Players should expect small scenes and more personal development focus. I may even ask the players prior to a scene what they’d like to see happen and see if I can work it into the scene. When I run my own plots they will be focused on solving mysteries unless players request otherwise. I will be working in support of the Mage team bring out NPCs for Day time players. Players can expect spelling and grammar errors from me and I ask if you catch one for my education please pm me politely about it.

What You Expect of Players: 1) Story Over Mechanics 2) Let’s Have Fun 3) Be Excellent to Everyone 4) Know the Basics 5) Don’t be Afraid to Ask Questions 6) Thinking Out of the Box is Always Welcome!

What do you want Players to Know: I will try to resolve a scene in the allotted time. I prefer smaller scenes. I will warn players if scenes or actions could have catastrophic results. If a scene has a threat level that might lead to character death you will be forewarned. Leaving is a solution and almost always an option. Rarely is exiting or non-violent resolutions to a problem not allowed. Thinking out of the box is always welcome!

What is your favorite horror genre book, movie, game or other inspiration? The Alien movies, AVP, and Resident evils are among my favorite horror movies. I prefer mysteries and detective novels. Dresden Files, Christopher Moore & A Lee Martinez, books.

Vampire the Requiem


Time Zone: Eastern
Availability: Currently I’m available every other weekend and on Mondays. The first week of August I’ll be on vacation.

Your ST Style: I tend to take a organic approach putting myself in my NPCs mindset and thinking of how they’d act or react. I like creating and using game mechanics to simulate actions not covered in the books (like building a business for example). I tend to be a little harsh with my task rolls giving slightly higher penalties than other STs might but also being generous with rewards for success. I like making players feel like they earned what they have.

What Players Can Expect of You: I won’t be around too often to run scenes but I’ll do my best to make the ones I do run come alive for you.
What You Expect of Players: I want players to be upfront in their goals and concise. If you have a gripe bring it to me ASAP I try my best to find solutions.
What do you want Players to Know: I’m a softie at heart. I have trouble holding grudges. I have a horrible memory please be patient with me.

What is your favorite horror genre book, movie, game or other inspiration? Buffy! Magical Girls! Dungeons and Dragons! My favorite movie is probably V For Vendetta

Werewolf the Forsaken


Time Zone: Pacific (PST)
Availability: Saturdays I am free after 5:00 PM PST, I am not available Tuesday(D&D night), Sunday – Monday I am free after 8:00 PM PST, Wednesday and Thursday I am off. (Of course, these times may change due to real life, work, and whatnot.) Fridays is my ST day off.

Your ST Style: I tend to lean more story driven, I really like to make you(and your character) feel involved. I also like to run a lot of otherworldly stuff as well as occult and intrigue.

What Players Can Expect of You: Respect for their wants for the story and hopefully an overall good time.
What You Expect of Players: Respect given in return.
What do you want Players to Know: I am tough but fair. Also, we are here to have a good time so let’s just play!

What is your favorite horror genre book, movie, game or other inspiration? I am a huge fan of the works of Clive Barker books or movies. a small list of movies I draw inspiration from is The Void, Alien(s), Dune, 30 Days of Night, The Strangers, The Thing, and Dreamcatcher. Some pop culture/creepy pasta influences are Slender man, The Rake, Shadow people, the children with black eyes, and the SCP Foundation.


Time Zone: Greenwich Mean Time Zone (GMT)
Availability: 12pm PST – 3pm PST Mon-Fri, variable weekends

Your ST Style: Wordy!

What Players Can Expect of You: Prompt thread work done and polite, friendly discussions.
What You Expect of Players: A little bit of give and take, we all have real lives and sometimes need a moment.
What do you want Players to Know: I will be around for the early birds of the US, and the European crew so I will need to sleep when people want me to be awake. Story of my life! But I’ll do thread work at least twice a week and hope that you can be patient between those times. I’m only ever a PM away.

What is your favorite horror genre book, movie, game or other inspiration? I love a good body horror, and I make it my mission in life to watch at least one terrible horror movie per week. Ideally more! Zombie flicks are also usually good fun, and I’m a firm fan of Resident Evil for that reason. (Games moreso than the movies…)