Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct


Player Code of Conduct 

Our Golden Rule: “Don’t Be A Jerk” 

Eternal Noire started as inspired by a group of individuals who wanted to bring a fair and fun game system to the online chat community. Our team wanted a place where everyone felt welcome and worked together to keep the community positive with less drama and negativity that can develop on chat games. Our one golden rule is “Don’t be a jerk” which encompasses a lot of things all at once. “Don’t be a jerk” to fellow players or staff and generally you’ll have the best play time here we can offer to you. There are some extra things we should mention specifically.  

Expectations of Players 

  • Age Requirement – Due to mature content, all players and characters must be eighteen or older at the time of registration to play. 
  • Imagery & PC Portrayal  
    1. All character images use on our website, or linked to externally from our website, must be of models that are able to be confirmed at least 18 years of age at the time the image was taken. 
    2. All “play by” models must be credited on your character wiki. Your MAIN picture should be a picture of a real person (photograph), credited to that model. If you are using artwork, drawn, or non-photograph image, for additional images on your wiki please credit the artist or where you found the artwork. (This is for Creative Commons purposes.) 
    3. No image may display nudity, explicitly or implied, and MUST considered Safe For Work (SFW). If you are choosing someone who has a lot of Not Safe For Work (NSFW) pictures in a simple google search, please warn your fellow staff and players on your wiki when you credit your model used with the tag (NSFW). The easy litmus test is this: if you can get arrested for indecent exposure wearing it in public, then you may not use it as a character picture. Examples of NSFW content: Nipple pasties but otherwise full breasts exposed, nipples showing through shirts, public hair visible, genitalia exposed but cleverly covered with a fig leaf, ect. 
  • Legal Access to the Books – Playing on Eternal Noire requires legal access to the Chronicles of Darkness role play books by Onyx Path, at least the core books, for the venues you intent to play on. We do not condone or promote the sharing of illegally obtained books. If you want to play with a merit or a venue, having at least the core books related to this is required.  
  • Playing Antagonistic Concepts – We encourage players to play the anti-heros; the monsters who become the protagonist or even the protagonist who becomes the monster! If you do choose an antagonistic concept, please be reminded we will allow it at our team’s discretion, but you should expect the game to be harder for you because of it. Additionally, if your character comes off as a jerk it’s best practice to keep open and positive communication with the other players that it’s all IC and fun & games.  

Conflict of Interest Policy 

Conflict of Interest is defined as any potential for an IC relationship (cell/cabal/coeterie/pack mates, IC family or significant other) on one PC to effect or benefit you on another PC or in another venue. A quick rule is, if you interact with someone’s PC in one venue, you should not be interacting with that same PC on another character. Keep in mind our main venue is designed to minimize CoI existence by keeping most of the venues largely segregated and crossover optional in “grey zones”. CoI is most likely to happen in the “grey zones” If you are worried, feel free to ask the staff about your situation for advice.  

Examples of conflict of interest: “Bob & Mary” 

  • PC: Bob’s PC1 is dating Mary’s PC1, Bob may not interact with Mary’s PC2. 
  • PC: Bob’s PC2 may not attack or go after someone who offended May’s PC1.  

Prohibited Behavior: 

  • Cheating –  Cheating is defined as acting dishonestly or unfairly in order to gain an advantage. Cheating can be a lot of things in the Chronicles of Darkness, and we will provide some examples of cheating below. Some examples of cheating include (but are by no means limited to) “padding dice pools” past what a character would legitimately have, claiming your PC is not being deceptive when they are during a contested social situation, using conditions or powers you do not have, not taking appropriate negatives, ect. 
  • Metagaming – Using information gained out of character to effect choices your player character makes in character is called Metagaming and is strictly against the rules. It’s cheating and giving yourself an unfair advantage in a game where we encourage cooperative play between PCs to reach a common goal of progressing the story line and being awesome. No one just wants one person being awesome, it’s not fun and it’s not ok. Don’t us OOC information IC. Additionally, do NOT talk about IC in public OOC areas on the forum or the chat. You can share this information with friends and fellow players you trust privately, as long as you’re clear that the information is given OOCly.  You may also NOT make a PC that is linked to any of your old characters in any shape or form, for example you may NOT make a PC that’s sole purpose is to “get revenge” on your former PC who has died. 
  • “Being a Jerk” to Staff or Players – Breaking the Code of Conduct and being a general jerk to players or staff is not ok. “Don’t Be A Jerk” encompasses the golden rule of treating people the way you’d want to be treated. We are a community, a small one, that we at Eternal Noire want to ensure that positivity can thrive in a fun game environment. OOCly Being rude, OOCly calling names, OOC cursing or slandering, and any kind of behavior that you wouldn’t want your mother to witness you doing or saying is frowned upon and our staff will issue a PPS. If you simply act with the golden rule in mind, you’ll have no issue with this policy. NOTE: Submitting Negative feedback doesn’t break this policy. 
  • Harassment & Cyber Bullying – the act of systematic and/or continued unwanted and annoying actions of one party or group, including (but not limited to) OOC threats, OOC demands, and continued unwanted contact after being asked to cease and desist.  You MUST request the person to stop the behavior before it can be considered harassment or cyber bullying. We only will enforce this on Eternal Noire, and if you are being harassed, bullied, or stalked off of our website we suggest that you to contact the local authorities.
  • Spreading Rumors – Intentionally spreading unverified negative OOC information or rumors about other players or staff is prohibited on Eternal Noire’s website, chat, and/or forums. Our staff will always act with transparency in regards to everything, that doesn’t have to do with story or plot, and we promise to answer all questions to the best of our ability. To avoid spreading rumors, please put in a feedback and/or speak with staff about the information you received to verify it.
  • Lying to Staff – Don’t intentionally lie or lie by omission to staff. We want to earn your trust, so by default, our staff will have trust in our players. We trust you, so don’t lose that trust with lying to us. If you have concerns or reservations about speaking to any one person on staff for any reason, submit feedback directly to the Admin team.  
  • Avoiding ICA=ICC – Avoiding in character consequences that are a direct result of your in-character actions, by any number of ways including (but not limited to) de-sanctioning your character, avoiding logging in on your character, or avoiding the character or groups of characters affected by your character’s actions. Characters will naturally form relationships with each other, whether they are friendly or adversarial. In either case, the game we are all playing together is still cooperative in nature. Because of this, avoiding consequences only ruins the continuity of the story and can end up rendering the actions of the players around you null and void. Remember, failure can still be fun and make for our most memorable moments in a game. 
  • Submitting Feedback, No Mommy/Daddy-ing – If an ST gives you an answer you don’t agree with, or you have concerns about anything at all you need to follow the proper channels to submit feedback. If you are in a scene, you go to that ST in the scene and default to their rules call until the scene is over. When the scene is over you can submit feedback by this form. In the form, you can choose to submit it to the ST team or the Admins – you can choose either or as the Admins are approachable at any time for all players. You may also approach an Admin on the chat. 
    • You should not be submitting feedback outside the proper channels. Do not ask another ST hoping they will over-rule their teammate, this is called “Mommy/Daddy-ing”. If you want your ST(s) to discuss what happened (or change their mind), submitting feedback is the best resource for you as the Admins will take all feedback seriously and address each concern as they arise. Submitting feedback outside the proper channels is subject to PPS.
    • We believe in open communication and transparency and submitting feedback through improper channels hinders our ability to create a trusting and fun environment for all players and staff members. NOTE: Submitting negative feedback in a polite and constructive manner will never be a PPS, as per our whistle-blower policy.
    • NOTE: “Lobby Griefing” is against site policy, and is NOT an appropriate form of feedback submission. Don’t be a jerk, tell us how we can improve and we will do our best to improve things for you.

Prohibited Role Play Content 

  • Illegal Content – Bestiality, pedophilia, rape, snuff, and other content that (even as roleplay) are restricted by law in the United States of America is strictly prohibited. There is no warning for this content, and a permanent ban will be issued immediately.  
  • Rape & Sexual Assault – There may be no on-screen depictions of sexual assault or rape at any time. There may be no “bluebooking” or off-screen depictions post-sanctioning of sexual assault or rape at any time. We encourage people to play the concepts they want, but we will not tolerate on screen use of either situation whether explicitly or implied. Use of this in your character background is allowed but limited by the creation policy, please check it for more information. 
  • On-Screen NPC Minors – While characters may have children, no NPC that appears “on screen” may be underage. Families can come up in ST ran scenes, where staff are present to monitor the use of the NPCs. These NPCs may also end up in danger or killed in a horror role play game, so keep this in mind when choosing how you’d like to incorporate these into your stories. 

Player Punishment System 

This is more of a guideline of the expected repercussions for each infraction. 

Violation 1st Offense 2nd Offense 3rd Offense 
Inappropriate Imagery Warning & Imagery Removal PPS Issued  Ban
Cheating  Warning PPS Issued  Ban
Conflict of Interest Warning PPS Issued  Ban
Metagaming  PPS Issued  Ban 
“Being a Jerk” Warning PPS Issued Ban 
Harassment & 
Cyber Bullying 
Warning PPS Issued  Ban
Spreading Rumors  Warning PPS Issued  Ban
Lying to Staff  PPS Issued Ban  
Avoiding ICA=ICC Warning PPS Issued  Ban
 Submitting Feedback/
 Warning PPS Issued Ban
Illegal Content Permanent Ban   

Staff Code of Conduct 


Held to Higher Standards 

Staff on Eternal Noire are held to a higher standard of behavior than our players are. This is to ensure that mutual respect and trust fosters a positive and welcoming player base and community.  


Additional Staff Expectations 

  • “No Spoilers” Policy  Story, plot, and other scene, player, and staff-only information is confidential to all non-staff. Please don’t spoil anyone’s secrets or storylines, it’s not cool. Leave all the juiciness the mystery so that players can squirm at the horror and choices they have to make. Suspense is fun, don’t spoil the fun. 
  • Transparency –  Transparency builds trust. With players, we want to keep the lines of communication open, whether it involves changes in the venue, staff changes, PPS’s, or simply answering their questions when asked (as long as answering doesn’t violate other policy). With other staff, this means keeping in communication about the work being done with every member of your team so no one is left out of the loop.  
  • Note-Taking, Logs, & Paperwork  Yes. It is required. Do the thing. (Please D:, or Athena will hit us with the stick again.) Follow the directions outlined in the Staff Guide.


Discussion & Feedback 


As a member of staff, discussion is something that is going to be frequent and welcomed in both the staff and player areas. Discussions are valuable because it brings up several different opinions on a topic, and helps the discussion reach its best conclusion when all points of view are present to weigh in on the final decision. It is vital that we maintain professionalism, open-mindedness, and friendliness when communicating with each other whether it is on or off the site. All discussions that require in-depth responses should be moved to the forums so that more points of view can be considered. Don’t be a jerk, especially to each other!  


Feedback comes in both positive and negative. Being critiqued and taking constructive criticism is something that we all have to learn how to do at one point or another in our lives. Taking criticism with grace, recognizing where we can improve and our weaknesses, and understanding different points of view help us emphasize with players better as well as each other. When feedback comes in, read it and consider it completely. Don’t take it personally.  


Conflict of Interest Policy Expanded 

As ALL policies, the Player Conflict of Interest Policy must be abided by Staff. Since we hold our staff to a higher standard, staff MAY NOT do requests or run personal (one-on-one) scenes for players in their venue with whom they have an IC relationship with on one of their characters. This may seem strict, but transparency and the culture of trust that we want to foster here on Eternal Noire depends on not only our communication with players and other staffers, but the positive perception of the players we run the game for.  

When there is not enough staff to accommodate the Staff CoI Policy, Admins need to be notified when a CoI is a concern and they will monitor ST activity with these specific characters of concern. This protects our staff from allegations out of their control, keeps everyone honest, and promotes a trusting environment with our players.

Examples of conflict of interest: “Bob & Mary” Expanded 

  • ST: Bob is also an ST, so Bob should not do Mary’s PC2’s XP requests in their thread and should instead have another ST handle her thread. (ST may view her thread mind you, to communicate with the rest of the team.) 
  • ST: Bob as an ST may not run a personal/individual scene for Mary’s PC2 to give her Status 5. 


Prohibited Behavior: 

  • God-Modding – God-modding is using your ST powers to RP a PC during a scene. Let the PCs, as strange and funny as they can be, make their own choices in a scene with your encouragement.  
  • Powergaming – Powergaming  is a style of interacting in role-playing games with the aim of maximizing progress towards a specific goal, to the exclusion of other considerations such as storytelling, atmosphere and camaraderie. For Example, making an NPC overpowered just because a player is plotting against it. If things go off course a bit, let it. The players drive the story and we don’t want to make them feel like they’re watching the NPC t.v. show. 
  • Story Rigging – Story Rigging is setting up the story in a way so that there is only one path for one character to participate and be the “hero”. Personal stories are cool and encouraged, but they shouldn’t be only one hero in your venue. In other words, while Bob and Mary may be close, Bob shouldn’t ensure ONLY Mary is the hero in his venue, that would be boring and unfair for other players. 

Staff Punishment System 

This is more of a guideline of the expected repercussions for each infraction. 

Violation 1st Offense 2nd Offense 3rd Offense 
“Held to a higher Standard”
PPS to Player Username
 Warning Ineligible for Staff XP  Removal from Staff
 Discussion Warning Ineligible for Staff XP  Removal from Staff
CoI Policy Warning Ineligible for Staff XP  Removal from Staff
 No Spoilers PolicyIneligible for Staff XP  Removal from Staff  
 God-ModdingIneligible for Staff XP Removal from Staff  
 PowergamingRemoval from Staff  
 Story RiggingRemoval from Staff