Mid-Chronicle Approaches!

We are happy to announce with Mage’s official opening means that our site is in full swing towards our Mid-Chronicle plots and scenes. With the end of Year 1 of 2.0 approaching, now is a good time to join the story as a new player in any and all the venues if you wish to enjoy some epic scenes. Chronicles on Eternal Noire run 2 years, so these mid-season stories are sure to be epic. With our Floor XP and built in catch up xp system, it never leaves new players feeling too far behind. Also on the Spring schedule, are some quality of life updates to the chat and the site so keep a lookout for those. We are hiring for several venues so if you’re looking to help out for the remainder of 2.0 please put in a staff application.

Happy Holidays!

Happy Turkey Genocide Day (Thanksgiving (USA)) and Belated Thanksgiving for our Canadian Players. As the holidays come around, we are expecting a small drop in activity which some players and Storytellers have already noticed. We …