VtR Vitae System

Vitae & You

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Vampires in LA have a bounty of blood before them ready to be drunk… if you can afford it or are daring enough. With its dense population and throngs of tourists, there should be plenty to go around and there is if your willing to play by the rules.

Vampires that are members of one of the Factions of LA are allowed to feed on a specific day each week assigned to them. On this night they can gorge themselves inside the Faction they belong to territory so long as they don’t kill mortals or more importantly break the Masquerade.

Kindred with Crimson Coins can also buy the right to feed in any one of the cities Racks as well if they want more or for some reason go to one of the Baron’s Blood Mongers for some cold and awful pig’s blood. Quantity over quality?

What about those Kindred who are ‘proudly’ independent? Well they need to pay for each and every one of their meals. They might pay a landlord a weekly or monthly rent or just pay coins to use the Rack every few nights but that gets expensive.

OOC Mechanics: This means that most vampire players get to top up their vitae pool once per week. The ST will assign a specific day of the week that your character can hunt (Typically Friday and Saturday are reserved for higher ranked members or those in favored being particularly plentiful days for hunting)

The night that your character is allowed hunting it’s assumed they can hunt enough to completely fill their Vitae Pools with a few hours of work. If for some reason they can’t then they’ve missed their chance until next week. It’s easy to remember your character’s vitae totals as a result of their Vitae being reduced by one each night afterward plus any extra expenditures. Players are required to track their blood expenditures on their character tracker sheets for anything beyond the top offs and nightly expenditures.

Players that spend Crimson Coins to hunt at a Rack are required to make note of it as well and can make hunting roll based on the options available for that Rack along with the Racks bonus Feeding Grounds dots. Players that choose to poach can do so but must make their hunting roll without the bonus from Feeding Grounds and roll the Territory’s awareness roll as well. If it exceeds the poacher’s success they fail their attempt and might be captured or worse.


The Barons Elysium
(Feeding Ground +5, Awareness 6)
‘Wellness Center’ located next to the casinos and bars


Owned by The Baron

Sometime ago the pier was a major port for LA that is until they were replaced by shiny new ones in San Pedro. The area has slowly suffered as a result with signs of decay and neglect creeping in despite this it’s seen something of a revival reimagining itself tourist spot. The Rack of course see’s a lot more traffic during the day there’s enough nightlife to keep warm bodied mortals around during the night for a canny Kindred to find a few meals.



Owned by Pentacorp

A massive outdoor shopping that stays open fairly late strewn with cafes and bars it sees massive foot traffic from both locals and tourists. There could hardly be a better place to feed if it had more shadowy nooks and crannies for Kindred to hide themselves. Still the more socially inclined will never go hungry here.


Owned by The Syndicate


Owned by The Syndicate



Despite not being an official Rack some vampires come here to get there fill from the many tourists that hike it’s many trails, visits the resorts, stay in campgrounds or even film crews that spend the night making the next blockbuster (or more likely student film). The National Forest has no recognized Regent but that shouldn’t stop brave Kindred from being cautious as there are many other creatures in the forest including werewolves (normally they avoid conflict with vampires… normally), witches of all stripes performing their rites, Nomads or even a grizzly bear (kidding they’re extinct in the area but there’s always stories on the internet about something large and furry roaming the woods.) Another thing of concern for the Kindred of LA and this forest are the stories of many hauntings that for some reason seem to target vampires.

Finally, there’s been more than one body buried or left in the woods from a botched hunt. People go missing here all the time.

*Special: Vampires hunting in this grey zone are asked to inform a member of the staff ahead of time.*