House Rules

House Rules

The books are the main source of rules and mechanics we will be using for our game. However, these rules are in place to correct, customize, and individualize our game here on Eternal Noire. These House Rules supersede anything that may conflict with them in the books. If you have any questions on these, please submit them via feedback.

Eternal Noire will not make any house rules unless…  

  1. A clarification is needed for a rule that is vague or coming into question often, and/or… 
  2. A power or rules balance is needed to ensure a fair game, and/or… 
  3. A rule enriches the setting, story, or fun on Eternal Noire. 

**This rule is here to protect the integrity of the books and system as a whole.**


Adding New Rules: Any Rule or System changes made during the course of the game will be posted to the players for constructive feedback, after the staff has their own discussion and BEFORE a new rule is implemented. A finalized rule that has gone through this feedback process will then be announced officially when it is implemented into play. 

NEW: Secrecy Mechanic 

Eternal Noire’s setting will be using a custom new Secrecy Mechanic.

Downtime Actions

Flat System: Players will be able to submit 2 actions per PC per week in their threads, with possible access to a 3rd action if the player cites an appropriate Merit (per ST discretion).

As a follow up to this, listing multiple actions as one action doesn’t count as one action.

Example Action #1) I want to go to this location and investigate for clues. Then I want to check the internet for buzz about this location. Additionally I want to speak to a bunch of people regarding this.

This example contains at least 3 actions.

PvP Social Maneuvering

Player Vs. Player Social Maneuvering and Combat is in use, please see Social Maneuvering.

Tier 3 

Please see specific venue house rules for Tier 3 approvals.

PC Pregnancy

Eternal Noire will be allowing PC Pregnancy through play in accordance with our PC Pregnancy Policy.

Custom Content Policy

On Eternal Noire, we try to keep the rules and the content submitted here as close to the books as possible. However, we also encourage custom content submission that enriches the story and makes the game more creative, fun and story-driven for all players and STs. With EN House Rule # 1 in mind always, the submission of Custom Content is accepted at the sole discretion of the Venue ST Team it is submitted to. For Universal Custom Content, this takes a lot more time for review and official adoption since all Venue STs have a right to review it and provide feedback. All Custom Content is subject to being altered, changed, modified, and removed at the Venue ST’s discretion. If submitted by a player, we will display the Player’s name as the content’s author by default, though you can ask us to remove it anytime.

Each Custom Content Submitted qualifies for at least 1 and up to 5 beats for Contributing to the Setting, at ST Venue Team discretion.

To prevent extra work and fatigue from Staff, Custom Content should only be submitted for the group you are playing in. If you are not a part of the group that would use the custom content, then you may not submit the custom content for play. This is to prevent custom creations from being farmed for beats but never utilized IC, by any players.

How To Submit Custom Content:

  • For Venue-Specific Custom Content:
    1. Check the Venue-Specific Forums for directions from your ST Team.
    2. If there are no directions from the Venue-Specific ST Team, you may submit the content by Character thread, or by FPM to the entire venue team. **Important:** Always ensure to include your entire venue team. You can check who that is on the About>Staff page.
  • For Universal Custom Content:
    1. You can submit the content by Character Thread for your ST Team to escalate, or
    2. You can submit the content to this thread for review. 
Custom Items/Powers

Any custom created items or powers must be submitted to your Venue ST Team for approval by your character thread. You MUST receive approval before you can use the item in any IC scene, or you would be breaking our Code of Conduct.  

  • Mystery Cults: All MCs must be discovered through play and may not be blue booked to join them. Check the Approved Approved Mystery Cult List for more ooc information available on these cults.  
    • Player Created MCs MUST be formed through play and have at least 5 total PC members before they can be created. Retainers and Staff do not count.
  • Striking Looks: The bonus to dice rolls does NOT count towards the maximum allowed equipment bonus (+5).
  • Fighting Styles
    • Disabling Tactics Style • to •••
      Prerequisites: Strength •••, Weaponry ••
      Tags: Flexible, Heavy Melee, Light Melee, Pole Weapons
      Effect: Your character has training in disabling opponents, making it easier to bring people back alive.

      Breaking the Branch • : Your character is skilled at striking arms and legs in the midst of combat. Reduce the penalty for making an attack specifically at the arm, hand, or leg by two.

      Cast Like Sand •• : Your character can send enemies flying by encroaching on their space during a fight. When she successfully hits and deals damage with her weapon, you may spend a point of Willpower to inflict the Knocked Down Tilt on the subject.

      Strike the Rising Dog ••• : Your character knows that the best way to keep someone out of the fight is by keeping them on the ground, and she’s trained in doing so. When someone within her striking distance tries to rise from a prone position, you may spend a point of Willpower. The character makes a reflexive Weaponry attack against the subject. If successful, in addition to any damage from the attack, the subject also fails to rise.
    • Subduing Strikes •
      Prerequisite: Weaponry ••
      Effect: Your character is practiced at striking enemies in a way that leaves them breathing, even when using otherwise deadly force. When pulling her blows with a weapon, she can deal bashing damage instead of lethal without spending Willpower.
    • Thrown Weapons
      Full Force Throw ••• : Your character can throw using the power of her entire body. Add her Strength dots to the dice pool for throwing the weapon.

      Drawback: The character is considered a still target and may not employ her Defense during the turn in which she uses this maneuver.

  • Supernatural Merits
    • Phantom Limb •, ••, or •••
      Prerequisites: Appropriate Condition and Mortal or Hurt Locker 2E Template

      Ghost Eyes • : Requires Blind. Your character can see Twilight as though she were sighted and loses Blind in the Underworld.

      Ghost Ears • : Requires Deaf. Your character can hear Twilight as though she were not deaf and loses Deaf in the Underworld.

      Ghost Leg •• : Requires Leg Wrack. Your character can kick open Avernian Gates: Picking the Lock (GtS p 199) becomes an Instant Strength + Stamina + Phantom Limb (Highest rating only) Action with no time requirement. Her ghost leg can interact with ghosts in Twilight. In the Underworld or Twilight, your character loses Leg Wrack

      Phantom Arm ••: Requires Arm Wrack. Your character has full control of her ghost arm and can touch and manipulate things in Twilight.

      Multiple: Each instance of this Merit represents a different phantom limb. You may not have more than one instance of the same phantom limb.

How Time Works
  • Chapter/Session = 1 Week
  • Story Locked Powers  = 1 Month
  • Story = 3 Months
  • 1.0 to 2.0 Rules Translation Guide: We will be using out own Hunter Rules Custom Translation Guide on Eternal Noire. Please check here first before submitting request for rules feedback.
  • Custom Content: All custom content on the Hunter Approved Custom Content wiki page is approved for play. If it is NOT listed here, it is not approved for play.
  • Tier 3: Conspiracies and Tier 3 are now available. Please ensure you read the setting before you create a hunter with any of these ties and connects. Gifted are considered Tier 3.
  • Mortal+: You may have any of the following as a Tier 1 or Tier 2 Hunter. If you wish to transition to a Tier 3 hunter later, you would lose these under Sanctity of Merits.
    • Universal Supernatural Merits available to any mortal in the Approved Books List.
    • Quarter-Splats available under the Mortals of Darkness House Rules.
  • NEW Merit: Professional Training, Advanced (• to •••)
    Prerequisite: Hunter, Professional Training •••••, Only 1 Dot at CC
    Effect: Your character’s training in their profession not only is at expert levels, it is the top of their field in the hunter community as well. Being surrounded by other professionals seems to put you at an advantage over your peers; using your professional training to defend against the monsters in the dark has helped push your experience further.
    • The Friends You Know: You have gotten really good at your profession, not just good, but you live and breathe the profession to the point that you can look at your own job from the outside and know who will help you the best in your current situation. You gain Allies (specific to your PT) equal to your dots in Advanced Professional Training. 
    •• The Places You’ll Go: Your specialties in your asset skills have served you well, they have become so embedded into your skill set that they have enhanced your overall ability in that skill. When using a specialty in your asset skills, count it as having an extra dot in the skill when applying merits, styles, and extended actions. Area of Expertise counts as having two extra dots in the skill instead of just one.
    ••• You Never Know Which Way the Wind Will Blow: You are beyond the top of others with similar professional training. Everyone comes to you for advice because somehow, you make it work, even in the most dire and dangerous of circumstance. When risking a willpower on an asset skill, gain the advanced action quality on the roll.
  • Gnosis Caps:
    • Gnosis 3 max at character creation.  
    • Gnosis 4 max by end of year 1.  
    • Gnosis 6 max by end of year 2.
  • Proximi and Legacies: Are allowed at this time, and are available along with Tier 3 Legacies per ST approval.
  • Hallows: Hallows can be raised to 3 in play. Hollows with potential above 3 are all seer controlled and will only be available through major plot points.
  • Spellcasting: Spellcasting on Eternal Noire in the current Los Angeles Setting has a lot of custom adjustments due to IC plot that will change through story developments. Because of this, all approved House Rules for the mage venue on EN will be available on their Spellcasting & Mechanics Wiki Page. Please check this page frequently for updates.
  • Order Membership Mandatory: PCs must belong to an order. Bring a Nameless is ok for a 1-month time period for newly awakened or magus who have recently moved to the city. After this 1-month the NPC’s will have to ask you to join an order or leave the city. 
  • Duel Arcana: Check the explanation wiki page on Duel Arcana for information on how it is done in this setting.
  • Other Expectations: The mage storytelling staff have a list of additional mechanics expectations you can find on their Mage Venue Introduction Page.
  • NEW MERIT: Adamant Way (••)
    Prerequisites: Adamant Hand, Status: Adamantine Arrow 2+, Gnosis 2
    Description: True dedication to the way comes through rigorous training guiding yourself through adaptation and the multitudinous ways to combat the Lie. Many naive Arrows believe that the only way to do so is through combat, but as they mature, they learn that the battlefield has long since evolved beyond the directness of bloodshed. While practitioners of this way of truth may utilize violence, it is certainly not the only tool at their disposal.
    Members of the Adamantine Arrow, have long honed themselves towards Magical combat and duels. Through their rigorous training they’ve learned to move beyond the limitations of the body, learning to operate at their pique by allowing their supernal souls guide them and protect them more thoroughly. This allows members with this level of dedication to the cause may utilize their Gnosis for their Defense rather than Athletics (or any other skill substitution with merits.) This Merit unlocks various sub-merits/Attainments, you can take a sub-merit for each dot in Status you have with the Adamantine Arrow, but your first must come from a ruling Arcana, to emphasize your soul’s natural talent.
    • **Note to all the sub-merits listed. The WP can only be spent on one sub merit per round (only one sub-merit may be activated per round) Also the player must spend the WP to gain the ability to use the mana expenditure.**
    •  Link to the full list of approved sub-merits on the wiki page here.
  • NEW MERIT: Silver Rungs (••)
    Prerequisites: Silver Ladder Status 1+, Awakened
    A member of the Silver Ladder gains a free dot of Allies, Contacts, Resources, or Retainer for each dot of Status of Silver Ladder they have. Also, pick one of the above merits. You may apply it as a yantra when ritual casting a spell. (For Allies and Retainer pick only one instance to apply as a yantra. This may still not exceed 5 for any reason.)
  • Lodges
    • Are allowed at this time per ST approval.
  • Pregnancy
    There is a Pregnancy Policy on the chat that I will be following, but in the wolf book there is a Sidebar stating that male can become pregnant. This is NOT the case in the Venue, only those BIOLOGICALLY equipped can carry a child to term.

    • Use of the gift LUNA’S EMBRACE
      If you wish to use this gift and remain a female for the ENTIRE duration of the Pregnancy you may, but you will be held to the same degree as any other mother, all inherent risks of childbirth, defects, and loss apply. 

  • Scents
    • You will be required to list three scents on your wiki.
      • Natural: Anything like the woods around your home, or natural scents you apply.
      • Chemical: Any man-made scents that you may be wearing.
      • Mate/Lover: Anyone you are sleeping with.
  • Dedicated Locus – Solo Ruling
    • The Venue will allow Dedicated Locus to players without a pack to the rating of Two (2) dots. The Merit can not be purchased higher until you join a pack.
  • Packs & Shared Merits
    • Packs are an integral part of the venue, whenever you form a pack whether it is at Character Creation or ICly you are granted FIVE(5) XP to buy shared merit’s from The Pack book. Any further purchase of Pack Merits after this 5 XP will have to come from earned and or banked XP.

      All Merits from The Pack count as shared merits for the entire pack.

  • Tell – Piercing Eyes Ruling
    • Due to the unclear wording in the WtF 2E book, We are ruling that the Tell allows the Blooded to see all three planes Physical, Twilight , and the Shadow.
  • First Tongue Ruling
    • The core book is a little contradictory about which forms can and cannot speak it and how well. The ruling for this venue is as follows:

      Hishu: You cannot speak First Tongue well, but you can still convey basic ideas. In game terms, you can manage to convey anything that only takes a few sentences at most to convey. Also, many First Tongue words and phrases are so ingrained into uratha culture, that you can use them freely and people will know what you’re trying to say. In game terms this means you can use any printed words or phrases freely.

      Dalu, Gauru, Urshal: You make speak First Tongue freely.

      Urhan: You can bark out 1-2 word ideas. This means nothing more complex than things like: run! fight! die! surrender! go there!