Experience System

Experience System

Gaining Experience

Gaining experience on Eternal Noire is going to be different than anywhere else. Our experience system works a lot like how you would gain experience in a MMORPG game, where the total amount of XP on your character dictates how fast you gain XP. Older characters with a lot of experience will gain XP slower than newer characters with very little XP.

Essentially, the more you play the more experience you will be able to earn.

Monthly Auto-Experience

XP on the PC’s SheetMonthly XP
1 to 25 XP4 XP per month
26 to 50 XP3 XP per month
51 to 75 XP2 XP per month
76 to 100 XP1 XP per month
100+ XP0 XP per month

**XP on the PC’s sheet does NOT include the starting bonus 10xp**

Earned Experience

While auto-experience is helpful, there is vastly more potential on Eternal Noire to earn more experience at your own pace. If you miss a month of play, you don’t lose out on total XP potential, in our system because you can make up the xp as fast or slow as play and your schedule allows.

Experience will cap based on the PC’s XP total on their sheet. So players who have a lot of time, could in theory, cap out at 30 XP total by the end of the first month, and they would not be able to continue earning XP until the game passes 4 months. At the same time, players with less available time will be given a chance to catch up to those players who capped earlier.

Experience Caps

Chronicle TimeMax XP for PCs
Up to 3 months (12/01/18)30 XP
Up to 6 months (03/01/19)45 XP
Up to 9 months (06/01/19)60 XP
Up to 12 months (09/01/19)75 XP
Up to 15 months (12/01/19)90 XP
Up to 18 months (03/01/20)105 XP
Up to 21 months (06/01/20)120 XP
Up to 24 months (09/01/20)135 XP

**XP on the PC’s sheet does NOT include the starting bonus 10xp**

How to Earn Experience:

Earning Beats:

Each of the following IC activities is worth 1 beat, unless otherwise noted:

  • Achieve Aspiration – Achieving an aspiration will give you a beat.
  • Long-Term Aspiration – Making progress towards a Long-Term aspiration.
  • Resolve a Condition – The Condition resolved MUST be considered negative or had a negative effect on the character.
  • Goal Progress – Significant Progress towards PC End Goal(s).
  • Damage Taken – Taking damage in your 3 most right health boxes.
  • Game Specific – Other mechanics that award beats per the books. We are not using the splat specific beats (Arcane Beats, Practical Beats, ect) and instead will be allowing these things to count towards normal beats.
    • Example) Mage – When your character risks an Act of Hubris against Wis-dom (see p. 88), take an Arcane Beat = Now becomes take a beat.
  • Scene Participation – Participating in a ST-ran scene.
  • Dramatic Failure – Opting for a Dramatic Failure where risk is involved.
  • Running a Scene as a GueST – Worth 2 Beats per scene.

Other Ways:

  • Excellent Community Member
    • Referring a new Player who gets a PC Sanctioned. (2 Beats per New Player)
    • Being Helpful to fellow Players and/or Staff. (1 Beat per Instance)
    • Being Friendly to new players (1 Beat per Instance)
    • Active Forum participation (1 Beat per Instance)
  • Contributing to the Setting – 1-5 beats.
    • Creating a PC-Owned Location (Must be Staff Approved).
    • Making a Wiki Page for your PC Location.
    • Suggesting a New Chat Room, Selected for use.
    • Suggesting a New Location, Selected for use.
  • Excellent RP Award
    • Player Recommendation (1 beat each instance)
    • ST Recommendation. (1-3 beats each instance)
    • Excellent Blue Booking (Same as Excellent RP, ST awarded)
    • Posting Scene Logs in Your Thread (1 beat each instance)

ST “Gift” Box

So you got your chance to get that mentor that you want, but you aren’t sure about that mentor merit or the steep 5xp cost that comes with your awesome mentor. What about those allies but they might be leaving town in a month? How about that artifact on loan from the occultist shop? That is where the Gift Box comes in.

What is the ST “Gift Box”?

The gift box allows for players to take “loans” out for most social merits, artifacts, fetishes, and whatever merits, skills, powers, ect deemed appropriate by the ST, that were earned in an ST-ran scene. These rewards can be allocated by the STs for work done in scenes they run up to a maximum of 10xp on your sheet. They are to help reward players for participating in plot and driving story.

Your Covenant leader gave you a checking account with 10 million dollars? Resources 5 can go into gift box until you purchase it with XP or until she takes it away or even decides for whatever reason you hate having resources. However, if you already have 10 xp worth of stuff in your gift box and the ally NPC pack give you something else, you can choose to either spend your XP to purchase something in the gift box (without additional justification needed).

This is a two-way street though, if you get Resources 5 from that Sire and you decided to buy military-grade equipment and had the FBI at your doorstep, she will change the account entirely and get rid of your access to it and you will lose that gift box reward.

Death/Loss of Character Policy   

  • STs have the right to deny any and/or all death XP if the player does not act in accordance with site policies when their PC dies. Don’t be a jerk, follow the site policies at all times.
  • Players will be given 25% of their former PC’s total XP as build XP for a new character. This does not include the 10xp given to all new PCs at creation.
  • Players will have the option to spend anywhere from none to all of that XP at Character Creation. Players must spend that initial XP according to the site’s Character Creation Rules. Any banked XP may be spent after sanctioning with appropriate justification.
De-Sanctioning due to Volunteering as Staff 
    • The same policy applies if a player needs to de-sanction a PC as a result of volunteering and joining staff for that PC’s venue (ST Position).
    • If a player chooses to do this and uses the XP gained on a new PC, the de-sanctioned PC will not be eligible for re-sanctioning at any time.
  • In the event that the player steps down from Staff, they must wait three months before they can play a PC in the venue they staffed for.