Character Creation

Character Creation Guide

Step One: Choose a Venue

At this time, you may have THREE PCs on Eternal Noire.

We currently are offering one setting, Los Angeles County, with six very distinct venues.

Available Venues:

In the future, we may add more venues depending on book availability and expand our Story Telling team! If you’re interested in seeing a venue we don’t currently have in play, please feel free to apply for staff and/or send in feedback.

Our DoC Sheets:
How to Use These:
  1. Click File, then Make a Copy.
  2. Save a copy to your own Gmail/Google Doc account.
  3. Fill out your sheet!
  4. Get a share link of the document, and copy it into your character thread.
  5. Your ST will take it from there!

Step Two: Basic Creation & House Rules

On Eternal Noire we are using Chronicles of Darkness (nWoD 2e) for our setting, with the following exceptions:

Basic Creation Rules:
  • Mystery Cult Initiation: No MCIs at character creation. All MCIs must be discovered through play.
  • Territory: No Territory claims at creation.
  • Z-Splats: Check the individual House Rules for whether your venue is allowing Tier 3 or Z-Splats at creation.
  • Attributes:
    • Only ONE attribute may start at 1 at creation, and it MUST be explained in your backstory.
    • Any FOURS or FIVES should be explained as well, in your back story.
  • Secrecy Mechanic: This is a custom mechanic for the Eternal Noire 1.0 setting that we will be using. See House Rules for more information.

Otherwise, we will be using the book creation rules located in the core Chronicles of Darkness pages 24-60. Each venue will be using their basic creation rules in their respective books, but to summarize:

  1. Name & Concept
  2. Anchors: Vice/Virtue
  3. Attributes: 5/4/3
  4. Skills: 11/7/4
  5. Specialties: 3
  6. Merits: 10 (Note: This includes Mortal characters, instead of the 7 listed in CoD)
  7. Starting Integrity: 7
  8. Starting Secrecy: 7, Adjusted per House Rules by ST.
  9. Aspirations: 2 Short Term, 1 Long Term.

Step Three: Add Your Template

Once you have a basic sheet ready, you’ll need to add your template. Each venue has their own creation specific rules, so you’ll have to check their creation rules below…

  1. Unavailable Splats: Some quarter templates are unavailable at this time. Check the mortal house rules listed here.
  2. CC Sheet: RAW from CoD (pages 24- 26). Include all general house rules listed here.
  1. HtV 2.0 Translation: We will be using custom translation rules and some general house rules listed here.
  2. Status (Compact/Conspiracy): 2 max at CC.
  3. Endowments: No Higher than 2 at creation. MUST not be higher than your status in your conspiracy. 
  4. Avoid Antagonistic Concepts:  You MAY make antagonistic concepts, but remember to thoroughly understand the setting and the site policies before you do. Your PC may be short lived if you do not, and no one wants that.
  1. Wyrd: Capped at 2.

  2. Restricted Merits at Creation: To take these merits, you must have been Taken locally and very recently, and if you take any of these Merits you are limited to Wyrd 1 at character creation, not of Wyrd 2. You may not take more than 2 dots in any of these Merits, and may not have more than five dots total from among them.

    1. These Merits must apply to local sources, and you take these Merits at your own risk, for their use may invite consequences: Allies, Contacts, Fame, Mentor, Resources, Safe Place, Status

  3. Banned Merits at Creation: Court Goodwill, Hollow, Mantle, Mystery Cult Initiation, Retainer, True Friend.

  4. Fae-Touched: Not Available for Play.

  5. Courts: Not allowed at Creation.

  6. Kiths: You must submit any custom or updated 1e Kith you wish to use for approval before sanctioning. Please see here for details!

  1. Name Format: First name ~Shadowname~ Last Name
  2. CC Sheet: RAW from MtA 2.0 (pg 79 – 82)  including all freebies. Include all general house rules listed here.
  3. Hallow: May only be a max of 1 dot at CC. This is not shared.
  4. Status (Order): 2 max at CC.
  5. Gnosis: 3 max at character creation.  
  6. Arcana: No Arcana at 4.
  7. Custom Artifacts: None above 5 dots at CC.
  8. Avoid Antagonistic Concepts:  Its OK to disagree, but try not to be that character that no one wants to play with.  It will make you and everyone else a sad panda.
  1. CC Sheet: RAW from VtR 2.0 (pg 79 – 82)  including all freebies. Include all general house rules listed here.
  2. Feeding Grounds & Territory: Not allowed at character creation.
  3. Bloody Aspiration: You’ll need one of these. A Bloody Aspiration is a Beast Chosen Aspiration that usually risky or evil that grants 2 beats. 
  1. Werewolves: You CAN NOT be Pure, but you can be former Pure, But it comes with heavy drawbacks. You can have it in your history that you were former Pure but you will be generally distrusted. You get your 10 starter EXP and build as normal.
    1. Renown – No Renown past 3 at CC.
    2. Fetishes – At this time there will be no Custom Fetishes at Character Creation. However, all the Premade Fetishes out of the WtF 2E book can be taken.
    3. Former Pure Mechanics:
      1. Start the game Tribeless (If recently converted to Forsaken)
      2. You can not take Auspice gifts. (Until you go through the Re-branding Ritual)
      3. Shadow Gifts, and Wolf Gifts are all that are available to you. (Until a Auspice is picked and a Tribe is joined.)
      4. You have to join a Tribe Via trials (Join ICly if you recently converted to Forsaken.)
  2. Wolf-Blooded: Standard Character creation rules per the Werewolf the Forsaken book Page 300. There is a section on page 91 of the book, this is for supporting cast(NPCs) characters, disregard. Wolf bloods will be getting the allotted 10 Merit points same as Werewolves. Wolf-blooded CAN NOT Take any Supernatural Merits.
  3. Mortals in the Wolf Venue: If you intend on making a mortal for the wolf venue, understand that you fall under my purview, meaning you are in my venue, participating in my Storylines and events which have the potential of being dangerous and may result in PC death. You also MUST note on your character sheet that you want to join the Wolf venue upon sanctioning.
    1. Supernatural Merits
      Mortals are the only template in the venue that can take Supernatural Merits, and upon becoming a Wolf-Blooded these merit dots will be refunded and allowed to allocated elsewhere.
    2. Wolf-Blooded Manifestation
      If you are a Mortal and you are not currently under the effects of the Moon’s Mad Love Rite, you are subject to normal Lunacy rolls, upon your fifth failed roll you will Manifest a Tell of your choice and shift to the Wolf-Blooded Template.

Step Four: Add Bonus XP

We are offering 10 Bonus Starting XP that you may spend in any way that complies with each venue’s creation rules. This is to help flesh out your PC so that you can give it more of an individualistic feel.

Floor XP is by month of gameplay and will increase the longer the game has been running. Please check the Experience System Page for more information. Our XP system is set up so that late-starting characters are able to “catch up” to older characters at their own pace.

Date BeginsFloor XPTotal Creation XP
12/01/20188 XP18 XP
03/01/201915 XP25 XP
06/01/201921 XP31 XP
09/01/201926 XP36 XP
12/01/201930 XP40 XP
03/01/202033 XP43 XP
06/01/202035 XP45 XP

For more information on this check our Experience Policy.

Step Five: Background & Questionnaire

Writing a background can feel a bit daunting, especially when you don’t know what to expect from the staff. At Eternal Noire, we want to encourage PCs to be as creative and thorough with their backgrounds as possible. We encourage tie-ins to the setting, and our Story Telling staff will read your background thoroughly no matter if it’s a bullet list, or a well written short story to set your PC up for how they ended up in the here and now of sanctioning. We don’t expect a ton of justification, but if you have any outliers on your sheet in terms of very high or very low dots, it’s a good chance to explain how that happened to our team here.

Sanctioning is a conversation. Our Staff is here to help you make your creative ideas work within the game and setting we have prepared, to ensure everyone can have the chance to have fun.

OUR PROMISE: WE WILL READ YOUR HISTORY, and we will USE the story hooks and ties you give us. You are not required to write a long background, but if you put in the work you’ll see the reward for it.

What we Require from Backgrounds:

  • Questionnaire Answers
    • These are personalized for each venue, and they’re usually short questions that the STs will be looking for to assist in the sanctioning process. Check the individual Venue Character Creation Questionnaires for your venue for more information.
    • These are the MINIMUM requirements to help flesh out your characters.
  1. What is the worst thing your character has ever done?
  2. What is the worst thing your character can imagine himself doing?
  3. What is the worst thing your character can imagine someone else doing?
  4. What has your character forgotten?
  5. What is the most traumatic thing that has ever happened to your character?
  1. What is your character’s definition of a “monster”?
  2. Why does your character choose to hunt these “monsters”?
  3. What is the most horrific thing your character has done?
  4. What is your character’s biggest fear?
  5. What is your character’s biggest regret?
  6. Who is/are the most important person/people your character wants to protect?
  1. What was the worst thing you suffered during your Durance?
  2. What did your Durance take from you?
  3. What did your Durance give you in return?
  4. What part of Faerie do you miss, despite all its horrors?
  5. What tie to your past life was strong enough to draw you home?
  6. How did you escape?
  7. What is your dearest wish, now that you are free?
  8. How do you cope with the stress of being Lost?
  9. If you have any frailties, how do they affect your life?
  1. What was your character’s awakening like?
  2. Did he/she have any supernatural involvement before awakening?
  3. Beyond Gnosis 1, what was the mystery that your mage learned?
  4. If you are a sleepwalker, what caused you to become a sleepwalker?
  1. Who Embraced you and Why? (This is an OOC explanation and not your characters )
  2. Why does your character think they’re Sire Embraced them?
  3. How does your character typically hunt? (Include prefered skills)
  4. Where does your character sleep during the day?
  5. Why is your touchstone(s) important to your character and how are they vulnerable?
  6. What does your character think of their faction and/or Covenant? Why and how did they join it?
  7. What does your character think of other factions and Covenants?
  1. How did the Rage come on, what Triggered your first change?
  2. Who was waiting for your character when the Rage finally subsided?
  3. Did your character kill or hunt before becoming Uratha/Blooded?
  4. Could you forgive someone who betrayed you?
  5. Where does your character find tranquility?
  • Character History:
    • A Bullet Pointed List or short story/novella about your PC.
    • While we have no minimum or maximum length, typically it’s somewhere between 1-20 pages in length as a basic measure.
  • 3 Setting/Story Hooks
    • While Role-Play Hooks on a wiki are there to help other players make a connection with your PC for play, a Setting/Story Hook is there for the ST to connect your character to the setting & plot.
    • These will help the team tie your personal character into the storyline and get you involved in the ongoing plots more quickly.
    • No more, and no less than 3.
    • Examples:
      • “New to Los Angeles”
      • “Daughter of So-n-So NPC”
  • End-Game Goal(s) for your character.
    • These can be IC or OOC goals for your PC. At least 1, no more than 3.
    • These help YOU get a good idea for your Character’s direction and helps the STs know what kind of things to help nudge your towards.
    • Anything from “Get to Status 5 Government” or “Find my parent’s killers”, “Become Prince”, or even “Be Batman”.

Step Six: Make a Character Thread

  1. Locate the “Awaiting Sanctioning” Thread for your Venue.
  2. Create a New Thread. Name the thread your character’s full name. Most STs will put a [TAG] ahead of your name which will associate you with one of your factions.
  3. Submit your Thread. Add your character sheet into the thread and hit submit when you are ready. 

Step Seven: Login to Chat & Await Sanctioning

  1. Create a Chat Login for your character. Your login to the chat CAN NOT contain spaces. Choose your first name, a nickname, or your last name. Supernatural characters with supernatural names can use their supernatural name. Check with your STs.
  2. Communicate with your ST Team. Hang out on chat and wait for your ST team to be around and available for sanctioning, or schedule a time with them in your thread. Make sure to check your thread and FPMs to keep in communication during the process!
  3. Create a Chat Profile. Use the profile in Chat to list your wiki link, your public effects, a description and a picture.
  4. Get Sanctioned! When your team thinks your ready to go your name login will turn green!

Step 8: Wiki Creation

  1. Make a Wiki User Login. This must be the same as your forum login.
  2. Go to your Venue’s Character List. Add your PC to this list and use this listing link to create a new page.
  3. Make a Wiki. You can use the PC Wiki Template as well as the Locations Templates as needed.
  4. Ask for Help if you need it! We have Staff who don’t mind helping with your wiki needs at all! Ask if you have a question!

Step 9: Go Play!


~Happy Roleplaying!

Character Creation Policies:

Sanctioning Policy:

The current run time for a sanction is between twenty-four and seventy-two hours.  This gives the staff time to see the request posted in its appropriate method.  It also gives the chance for the player to make any final tweaks and adjustments that make sense once they have gone through the mechanical crunch and backstory.  This can prove quite beneficial down the road when the character begins to evolve in different ways. That’s not to say that a Character’s sheet and history won’t be looked at before this period elapses, but do remember that we all (player and staff alike) have responsibilities in the real world.  

The best way to be noticed by staff varies from venue to venue, however, once a sheet is submitted you can make a Chat login with the appropriate name and that will call attention to you.  Please feel free to make a wiki, just don’t attach it to the PC wiki section on the appropriate Wiki page (Main Cast) until you’re sanctioned. That will give you further connection to your character and expedite how quickly you can go IC once sanctioned.

De-Sanctioning Policy

De-sanctions have a similar turn around rate, this is because sometimes in the heat of an IC interaction or debate, people make choices that they may not have if they had waited and considered things in a more composed and clear minded state.   A minimum of twenty-four hours from a de-sanction request should be maintained.  Just as a player may do things in the heat of the moment, so too might Staff.  We should all approach these requests with level heads and sound mind, to better keep our site safe and hospitable to all players and staff who join us.