Book List

Approved Books List

This book list is meant to be a complete list of books in play. Any information that is located here is superseded by our House Rules if they come into conflict. If a book is not listed here, please submit feedback to the team to request its review or ask a Staff member about what part of the book you’re looking to use.

In-Use Complete:

  • Chronicles of Darkness
  • Chronicles of Darkness: Hurt Locker
  • Hunter the Vigil: Mortal Remains
  • Mage the Awakening (2nd Edition)
  • Vampire the Requiem (2nd Edition)
    • Half Damned
    • Secrets of the Covenant
    • Thousand Years of Night
  • Werewolf the Forsaken (2nd Edition), with the following adjustments:
    • The Pack
    • Some Adjustments:

Partially In-Use


Please remember that legal access to the books is a requirement for participating in the Eternal Noire role-play gaming website. Please review our Site Policies and ask Staff if you have any questions.