New Player Guide

New Player Guide

Welcome to the New Player Guide! We put together a guide for all new players on Eternal Noire, no matter their level, to help them get started here as smoothly and easily as possible!


You already know CoD and have played on chat sites? Here is what you need to get started on Eternal Noire:

Welcome to the Chronicles of Darkness, sequel system to the World of Darkness 2e. “These are the Chronicles of Darkness, tales of a world like ours, but just slightly wrong. A place we recognize, but where our fears take on lives of their own.” [Chronicles of Darkness page 17] This is a modern gothic horror role playing game where being scared is part of the fun of the game. 

In order to get started playing CoD, you will need the basic rule books for the games you are looking to play. Please remember that legal access to the books is a part of our site policies.

Listed below are other resources that may be helpful when playing on Eternal Noire.