EN 2.0 Closed

EN 2.0 Closed

With all the Finales completed, thus concludes our 2nd chronicle and we are now closed for 3.0 development.  Our website will remain mostly open during this time to allow players a place to check in on the progress of the 3.0 chronicle and utilize our chat program and resources to run side games and connect with other players. All announcements about 3.0 will be released after our staff has time to recharge, and we have a brand new shiny website to reveal.

Thank you for being with us to tell these stories. See you soon!

~ EN 2.0 Admin Team & Staff

EN 3.0 FAQ

When is EN 3.0?
We don’t have an open date yet. All announcements regarding 3.0 will be released right here on the website, and on our social media accounts when we are ready to announce.

Where can I submit feedback about EN 2.0? Do you want it?
We have a handy google form that the Admin Team is using to collect anonymous player feedback about what we did well, and maybe what we can improve on, from EN 2.0. Please use this form so that we can gather as much information as possible to ensure that we continue to improve with every chronicle.