Welcome to Eternal Noire!

Welcome to Eternal Noire; a Los Angeles County Chronicles of Darkness role-playing game website that opened September 2018. Join in the fun as a New Player and check our forum for further information and updates! 

News & Updates

04/20/2019 – 08:00 AM PST
We are happy to announce that we will be awarding a Surprise +1 Spring Holiday XP to all currently sanctioned active PCs. This surprise is the Administrative Team’s present from us to you, for being part of our community. See the full forum announcement here. We are currently looking for some additional STs to help run the games that have become the post popular! Specifically we are looking for a Vampire ST, a Mage ST, and a Changeling ST. If you would like apply to be an ST on our site, please use the Apply to Staff form here.


03/07/2019 – 12:44 PM PST
We are happy to announce that Changeling the Lost is opening on March 20th 2019. There is currently an opening scene scheduled on the scene calendar. We will be accepting character sheets for sanctioning starting Friday, March 8th 2019. Please submit your character for sanctioning in a timely manner, and check the forums for venue cap updates. Please read our Character Creation Guide for information on how to join the fun. We are also anticipating a lot of interface and tech updates on the way, check the forums for all the current announcements.

02/13/2019 – 08:30 PM PST
We are almost at the 6-month open mark! Please read our Character Creation Guide for information on how to join the fun. We have a lot of updates coming soon, including our upcoming inclusion of a Changeling Venue. For more information check the forums.

01/16/2019 – 03:30 PM PST
Our Werewolf Venue is now open!!  Please read our Character Creation Guide for information on how to join the fun. We have made a lot of updates this month, including GueSTing on EN, Floor XP added, New Tiers of Auto XP, Changes to Death XP, and more. For more information check the announcement post here.

12/24/2018 – 08:00 AM PST
Our Werewolf Venue is now accepting character submissions.  Please read our Character Creation Guide for information on how to do this.  Happy Holidays from the Eternal Noire Staff! We are giving our players 2 XP for Holiday Cheer this month as a thank you for being a part of our game! Please also note that our Staff have the holidays off like you do, so thank you for your patience. We will also be implementing a new Floor XP Policy that tweaks our experience policy as of January 1st. For details, see the announcements here.

12/03/2018 – 07:00 PM PST

Preparations for Werewolf Venue Opening are underwayEach venue will also be running a winter and/or new year themed plot! Check out this thread to see the updates. We’ve also got some new updates coming this month regarding a new Floor XP Policy as well as some things to make player’s lives easier.

11/27/2018 – 08:00 AM PST

November Holiday Gift XP has been awarded! Everyone sanctioned in November will be awarded holiday XP!

10/12/2018 – 06:00 PM PST

Halloween Storylines are in full swing! Each venue will be running a holiday-themed plot! Our werewolf team will also be running a crossover plot for everyone to get a taste of their storytelling style so check the Scene Calendar for more information on that! We are also hiring! Make sure to check out the forum post for this here.

09/08/2018 – 08:00 AM PST

Beta Testing is officially OVER, and we are OPEN for the PUBLIC TODAY! Want in on the fun? Join the forums, wiki, and chat to get in on the conversation. No further invite codes will be required to play from this point on. Please make sure to read our wiki and website policies and rules before creating a character to play. Welcome to the Chronicles of Darkness; Los Angeles… welcome back to the horror of the game on Eternal Noire.

08/28/2018 – 12:42 PM PST

We will be migrating to an improved server and host today, as well as making some updates to our site functionality. Server Maintenance will be from 19:00 – 22:00 server time (PST). You may see outages or errors during this time while we move from one server to another. We hope that this will solve most of the downtime issues. Please see our forum post for more information.

08/03/2018 – 12:00 AM PST

Beta Testing is officially open TODAY. Want in on the fun? Join the forums and get in on the conversation and make some new friends to grab an invite code. We will be in closed Beta Testing while we play test custom mechanics for our game. The full game will be opening in September 2018 for public registration.